Facebook Crazy Facts

Some facebook facts

Over 1.13 trillion likes

since launch in February 2009. Wow.

140.3 billion friend connections

to one billion total users. Is everyone connected to everyone or what, Kevin Bacon?

219 billion photos.

These are photos actually in the system, not including the deleted ones. They believe they have had 265 billion photos in their servers since fall 2005. Flickr is weeping.

17 billion location-tagged posts,

including check-ins as of September 10, 2012—since August 2010.

210,000 years of music played so far.

62.6 million songs that have been played 22 billion times. The most staggering fact about this: their music-listening app only started in September 2011 and this data is from September 11, 2012.

More useless but neat facts:

• Facebook says that the median age of the user is about 22 years.

• The top five countries, in alphabetical order, where people connected from since the 1 billion user record was achieved: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States.

• Of that 1 billion, there are 600 million mobile users. Not bad.

Thanks to http://gizmodo.com/5950527/facebook-crazy-statistics for this article! 


The Pros of facebook

Click on the link above to hear some truly amazing facebook stories. It’s not all bad stuff! Perhaps you want to submit your own?


Mother learns about daughter’s death through facebook

Wow. Doesn’t this show what sort of society we live in? Primarily, it was the fault of the police for not notifying the mother but the fact that facebook was the reason she found out? That’s ridiculous! This is what it says 

‘It is a sad indictment of today’s society that an unknown individual made the decision to broadcast such tragic news without consideration for the family.‘ 

But also, isn’t it the fact that she FOUND OUT ON FACEBOOK? Isn’t that a bigger problem? it also shows what a big part facebook plays in our lives! But what about you? What do you think? 

Brady Quinn-football player suicide

Go to 00:38 to hear what Brady Quinn has to say on social networking sites. Remember, social networking isn’t always bad and doesn’t always lead to suicides and so on and he’s not even saying that. All Quinn is saying is pay attention to you real life relationships, not social, website relationships.

Abbreviations on social networking




I doubt you’ll use all of these abbreviations but if you’re ever stuck, you know where to go. Just cmd+f or ctrl+f and search for that abbreviation!